Measuring Up?

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Chosen your furniture and want to make sure it’s going to fit? Here are some pointers to help.

A few simple tips and hints.

  • ‘Measure twice cut once’ as the saying goes – we recommend you measure 2 or 3 times before ordering.
  • Remember walls and floors are seldom straight, so if something has got to fit in a certain space be sure to find the smallest dimension it needs to fit into and give yourself a cm or so leeway
  • Our designs are largely made to take into account obstructions like pipework, but do check our dimensions against your space to be sure it’ll fit comfortably. 
  • Our designs come flat-packed to make access to small spaces and delivery easier.
  • If you need to measure the angle of a wall – there are a few methods out there to do this . One simple one is to take a piece of cardboard with straight sides. Hold it so one straight edge is flat on the floor and then fold the upright edge until it is at the same angle as the wall. You may need to cut out the bottom corner if there are pipes or other obstructions along the wall. Once you are happy that you have a cardboard copy profile of your wall to floor then you can take your protractor to measure the angle. If necessary use the cardboard to trace the lines of your angle onto another sheet of paper so that you can extend them to meet each other (e.g. if you have had to cut a section out as outlined above).
  • Again – always good to repeat and measure twice to be sure that you get nice accurate measurements.

If you get stuck please feel free to get in touch. 

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