Furniture for Small Spaces

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Small spaces and unconventional homes have unique needs and requirements often not met by regular furniture sizings or shop found designs. When space is at a minimum, storage becomes vital, adaptability an advantage and every millimetre counts. For those living in moving homes like boats and vans, movement is a factor. For many small or unusual spaces the walls may not be straight and there may be a need for quick access to cables or pipework or underfloor spaces to be taken into consideration also.

At Everything Goes we design with these factors in mind to bring you furniture that fits and we’re interested to hear your thoughts, experiences and needs.


Everything Goes was born out of the needs experienced by life on narrowboats. All the furniture in our initial range is designed with (but not limited to) canal/river boats and narrowboats in mind. This takes into account the sloping walls, the small and limited space, the need for storage, movability, easy assembly and the ability to de-assemble for essential boat maintenance, access under floors and pipework, etc. It is designed with adaptability in mind, wanting to give you more control over what you get and we are very excited to increase our options for materials, finishes and fits as we go.

We always love your feedback and ideas so please connect on Facebook and/or Instagram and get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.

Tiny Homes and Small Spaces

We are very interested to hear from people living in tiny homes of all kinds and working to help you find solutions to your furniture needs – get in touch!

Caravans and Motorhomes

If you feel that something in our range is going to suit your caravan, house-bus or motorhome, we’d love to hear from you!

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