All our furniture is currently produced by the excellent MADA Workshop based close to the canal in Harlow, Essex. 

We will be looking for more CNC fabricators in other locations in the future, to reduce transportation around the country or internationally. 

Do you know of a CNC outfit that might want to make our products? Please contact us for further info.

Good question! 

The furniture we make is designed on 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software which allows us to make it customisable. It also means that technically it will be possible to send your unique designs to a CNC fabricator anywhere – although for now we are staying close to our London base.

The CNC machine will cut the furniture out precisely and we will finish and assemble it all by hand before delivering it to you.

There are some similarities but we differ in a number of ways.

We do aim to deliver good design at affordable prices, but our furniture is customisable, produced locally and with high quality materials.

Whilst Ikea furniture is produced on a mass scale,  often far away, our furniture is made to order, locally, using high quality European birch plywood.

Our furniture comes flat-packed and easy to assemble and fit.

Want more information? Get it touch!

Our furniture is customisable rather than bespoke. We design specifically with boats and small spaces in mind and you can customise it yourself. 

We may take on a new product idea as an initial bespoke item, if we think it’ll be something we can add to our range. Always check with us if you have an idea or request. If we can’t help we’ll try to put you in touch with someone who can.

Our furniture is mainly free-standing.  We do not do ‘fitted furniture’ as such as we want you to be able to assemble and install it yourselves. 

The furniture is designed both to go in easily and to come out easily if needed. 

We understand the difficulties boaters and others can face, having to remove fitted furniture, in order to carry out home/boat maintenance. Our designs aim to minimise waste of resources. 

All our products come with assembly and fitting instructions (where applicable) and you can see our assembly ratings on our product pages.

Please do get in touch if you have any queries about assembly or fitting and we will always try to help and understand your needs.

You will need to provide us with a delivery address. This can be a friendly local business or marina that you’ve arranged to have your items delivered to. 

You are responsible for ensuring you are present at the time of delivery or collecting your items as agreed with your collection address. 

Everything Goes understands that delivery options can be limited on a boat and we will be looking for more localised delivery points. 

Please get in touch if you know somewhere which would be suitable or you are able to help us in this way.

More furniture, more options, colours and materials are all on our to do list! 

Please answer our poll so we can understand your needs better and feel free to get in touch with any specific queries,

We are always seeking to work in more sustainable and environmentally friendly ways. Check out our blog for the latest updates or follow us on social media.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. 

The specific type of CNC machine we use is a ‘CNC router’.

Our digital designs are sent to the machine which accurately cuts out the furniture according to your specified dimensions.

Follow us on social media and take a look around this site to get a few pics and videos on how it all works! 

Don’t worry – we work out sizes that will work for each piece of furniture. Where necessary we can also send you a picture of your furniture before it’s made so you can be sure you’re happy with it.

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